Alumni Fund Ukraine branch

can be created by an initiative local team for any educational institution in Ukraine.
A branch becomes an integral part of Alumni Fund Ukraine and abides by its mission and goals. It unites alumni, pupils/students, teachers and representatives of the respective educational institution, as well as all other interested individuals and stake-holders, that work together to support and develop this educational institution according to set goals and priorities.

We currently have 5 branches. If you are interested in bringing Alumni Fund Ukraine to your school or university, you can learn how to do it from this
summary (available only in Ukrainian language).

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  • donated (UAH) 122 831

National university Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Founded 400 years ago, Kyiv-Mohyla academy is the oldest university in Ukraine. At the same time, it is a modern university that was rebuilt based on the standards of justice, transparency and high quality of teaching after the proclamation of Ukrainian independence. Today KMA is the leader in reforming the Ukrainian educational system .

KMA has always been a special university that aims not only at providing knowledge but also creating values. The branch in KMA is one of the first in the network of Alumni Fund Ukraine. It unites people who care about KMA and want to systematically support the university, science and education in Ukraine.

  • Stipends to support students from Crimea or Eastern Ukraine during the time of their study in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
  • Teacher’s award: Grant to the best teacher of Ukrainian language.
  • Grants to the KMA postgraduate school: for participation of PhD students in scientific conferences with reports based on their own research.
  • Individual stipends and grants:
 each donor has an opportunity to create his/her own stipend/grant/new area of support.
  • Area of greatest need (decided by the Alumni Fund team of KMA).
Already funded
  • A project initiated by students and PhD students of Natural Science Faculty “Environmental monitoring system” (budget 210 USD)
  • Extracurricular activities / campus: Renovation of the KmartSpace building and its transformation into the Entrepreneurship Center of KMA.
  • Support KMA basketball team: participation in two tournaments -Champions League and ABL Championship (required funds: 41 000 UAH)
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  • donations 66
  • donated (UAH) 242 705

Lyceum Physics and Technical Lyceum in Ivano-Frankivsk

The branch in Physics and Technical Lyceum in Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the first in the network of Alumni Fund Ukraine. Lyceum gives top-notch education not only to children from Ivano-Frankivsk, but also to many children from towns and villages from around Ivano-Frankivsk region. Together with other alumni, and there are many of us during the 25-year history of Lyceum operations, we want to systematically support pupils, teachers, and Lyceum.

  • Financial aid to pupils (stipends, grants, awards)
  • Teachers’ awards
  • Awards for winners of different Lyceum’s competitions (chess competition, drawing contents, etc.)
  • Funds to support pupils in financial need to participate in different Ukrainian and international competitions (Olympiads, etc.)
  • Funds to support pupils in financial need to participate in different school trips (annual trip to Lviv, Kyiv, other Ukrainian cities, educational excursions, international trips, etc.)
  • Funds to support professional and personal development of teachers and pupils (participation in conferences, courses, seminars, lectures, etc.)
  • Equipment/campus upgrade (class equipment and furniture, computer class, labs, etc.)
  • Funds to support pupils' projects and initiatives (project to develop Lyceum, social projects, ecological projects, etc.)
  • Area of greatest need (decided by the Alumni Fund team of Lyceum).
Already funded
  • Funds for the Lyceum's 25th anniversary (guests, venue rent, gifts, etc)
  • Summer English School